If you tried to install httpoison and when you run mix deps.compile or mix you get:

** (Mix) Could not compile dependency idna, /home/vagrant/.mix/rebar command failed. If you want to recompile this dependency, please run: mix deps.compile idna

You can fix this issue by increasing the available memory on your Vagrant file to 1GB:

  config.vm.provider "virtualbox" do |vb|
    vb.memory = "1024"

Run vagrant reload in your command line after making this change. Then in your root folder do:

  • rm -rf deps _build
  • mix deps.get
  • mix

If you get another error saying:

==> idna (compile)
==> ssl_verify_hostname (compile)
Compiling src/ssl_verify_hostname.erl failed:

You will need to install erlang-dev apt package by running sudo apt-get install erlang-dev. The rinse and repeat previous steps on your root folder:

  • rm -rf deps _build
  • mix deps.get
  • mix

You can find my whole setup here Elixir on Vagrant