Go Interfaces

Go interfacesIf you come from a C# background, you will find Go Interfaces like entities from another planet. My recommendation is to think about the interface in the literal sense, regardless of the
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Redis, STunnel, and C#

In this blog post, I will try to demonstrate how to setup a working environment with StackExchange.Redis package is communicating to a Redis box using SSL through STunel. By the end of this post, you
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Podcasts to listen

Software Engineering Daily has a great Slack channel, last night there were some podcast recommendations: The James Altucher Show - RSS direct link Tim Ferris - RSS direct link Seth Godin’s Startup S
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Insertion sort works by separating an array into two sections: Sorted section Unsorted section Let’s assume initially the array is unsorted. The sorted section is empty. The algorithm for insertion
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Elixir in Vagrant

I don’t like polluting my environment with new languages. In this post I will describe all the steps I had to take to setup my Elixir environment using Vagrant. For this post I will assume you already
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ES6 Arrow functions

Last night I was reading this post: ES6 arrow functions, syntax and lexical scoping and going through the comments I saw this question: 1so arrow functions always inherit scope? The answer was by Barn
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